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Out of comfort zones and privileges

A little surge of rambling after seeing this analysis (see photo; credit to the rightful owner) I never noticed this before, but realized this as well as I am currently re-reading Goblet of Fire the last few days. I sometimes find myself agreeing with Ron every time he tells Hermione off about the house elves.… Continue reading Out of comfort zones and privileges


#PHVote: Allow me to say this one last time–Think again

This is probably the last time I am ever writing anything about politics. It’s been such a messy campaign period. I saw how some friends cut off ties over a political disagreement. Some people call other “bobo” and “not thinking” if they find someone’s choice of candidate not to their liking. I saw a rise… Continue reading #PHVote: Allow me to say this one last time–Think again

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In the heart of the city is a history

I recently found out that there’s a mobile version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and since I downloaded it, I couldn’t stop experimenting on photo editing. I’m no pro because I’m the kind of person who just takes photos of things I find pretty. Most of the time, my phone will be filled of photos of… Continue reading In the heart of the city is a history

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This here is the first contemporary Filipino book written in Tagalog that I’ve read. And I’m going to write this review in Tagalog (or Tag-Lish). Ibang klase ‘tong librong ‘to. Hindi nangangailangan ng excessive information para maparating ang sense ng kwento. ‘Yong mystery, hanggang sa dulo, at bay lang, pero hindi pa rin nadiskarel. Sa… Continue reading ABNKKBSNPLAko?! (Bob Ong)